Scala Integration in Eclipse

The first thing that I always hear from my participants (in most of my Apache Spark training sessions) is how to practice Scala coding for Apache Spark in a 4GB RAM laptop. My usual answer is using Eclipse by adding a Scala Plugin.

In this section of the Blog, we will learn how to setup the Scala developer environment for practicing Apache Spark using Eclipse.

Since we are using Eclipse, you can perform the same on Windows, Linux or Mac.

However, my tutorial will be restricted to setting up the environment only on a Windows machine.


Step 1: Download and Install Oracle Java 8 (64-bit) in Windows machine

In case the above direct link doesn’t work, get the link by visiting the page

Step 2: Download Eclipse. I personally use Eclipse Luna. Download Eclipse Luna (64-bit) from

Step 3: Start Eclipse and ensure its running smoothly. Incase if you get the below error screen, ensure your Java and Eclipse is compatible with each other in-terms of 64-bit and 32-bit. In this case, mostly the error will be due 64-bit & 32-bit inter-compatibility error of JDK and Eclipse.


Step 4: Open Eclipse and Install Scala IDE Plugin. In some case, if you find challenging to install Scala Plugin, you can download ScalaEclipse from

  1. Open Eclipse<br>
  2. Click on Help Menu > Install New Softwareeclipse spark setup<br>
  3. Click on Add button. spark eclipse setup<br>
  4. Enter the Details as given below:
    Name: Scala-IDE

    spark eclipse setup


  5. Click OK. Once resolved, select “Scala IDE forEclipse”.spark for eclipse<br>
  6. Click Next > Next > Accept the License Agreement > Finish

Installation and configuration might take some time. This is subject to your relative internet speed. Once the installation is complete, the Eclipse will restart and can start coding in Scala Perspective.

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